at Easter stay safely welc-HOME💚💚💚💚💚

Let us make the most of these troubled times in focussing on what is really important for us in this world. Those of us who can, safely from home where we can plan our near future, in knowing that homes protect and will protect us also when these times of trouble are over.

The right time to think positive is now, the time to dream on is now, the time to get informed and get the basics right about smashing Umbria is now. The organizing will follow with the times it takes and when it is safe again you will have everything on plan already. Get in touch, modern technology helps staying in touch from any home in the world, so why not making the most of the extra time possibly available? I shall do my best to be my usual informative and cooperative, that does not change irrespective of where I stay 🙂 and I am positively staying home but am on and more motivated than ever to talk homes and give advice. 

There will be a time when all our lives will resume speed so let’s make the most of these troubled times to focus on what is important to us. Making our dreams come true starts with taking a first step in the right direction. The first step for you could be putting pen to paper and listing 3 must-have for your home in Umbria and the rest is easy, drop a line, be cooperative re replying to few more questions on my part and there’s the first step in the right direction to make your dream of an Umbrian home come true. It will take what it will take but dream on and male plans.

When we are at the end of something, we are at the beginning of something else … think positive and stay safe, while we get organized to use your positive energies and my skills to make things happen. 🏡 Buona Pasqua di pensieri positivi, in case che ci tengono al sicuro tutti. We are in this together and together we will see the end of this, hopefully soon.