WelcHome di Cesari Linda for REal!

WelcHome di Cesari Linda is the real estate agency for your real estate needs and preferences.

I specialize in real estate, in advising and assisting international clients at all levels, through WelcHome.

I am here for you to help you sell, buy and/or renovate your inspiring Italian homes and as your technical key!

I qualified as real estate consultant (agente di affari in mediazione) under Italian Law as early as 2004 to enroll with the Chamber of Commerce of Perugia, with license number PG 242152-2005, in 2005 so as to set WelcHome up and here I am to help and advise you at all levels.

Passion for inspiring homes and locations was what made me opt for this profession after graduating in Trieste as interpreter/translator for English and Spanish and managing international contracts for a large company. Passion is still here 20 years since I translated my first contract on building works, matched by a solid experience in international negotiations, contracts as well as laws, regulations and taxation on real estate.

Attention to details while remaining focused on you and your needs and preferences are my guiding lights. 

Through WelcHome, I grant qualified professional advice and service with a friendly approach.

It is you and me together that make things happen. I provide the legal framework and professional advice and support you need to relax while we make things happen.

Integer, qualified real estate consultants exist and they remain by your side! You have one in me, through WelcHome.simb-w

A selected network of qualified and experienced professionals help me meet all your needs in total relaxation for you.

WelcHome is here for you and makes it happen, for you and with you, easily, safely and happily.