Sogno Umbro Umbrian Dream

welchome and il sogno umbro

Few days ago I had the privilege to talk about Umbria through Casa Antica and their blog https://casantica.net/blogs/news/sogno-umbro

Here’s the English version of that article and hope that you will find this and my upcoming listings inspiring. Buon Anno e a Presto in Umbria 💚💚💚💚💚


Umbrian Dream

umbrian dream

Umbrian dream

Internationally speaking, Umbria ranks very high in the hearts of many. Many are the foreigners that dream of experiencing Umbria in all its different aspects, at falling in love with nuances and details that sometimes are only just partially perceived by locals. Everybody is fascinated by Umbria’s landscapes and timeless casali, yet the true essence of what has been under our eyes forever risks going unnoticed.

By comparison, the foreigners who love Italy see our country more clearly and the way they look at Italy casts a new positive light on how we see it.

Our friend Linda of Welchome – Exclusive Italian Properties, regularly speaks with people that look for a villa, a historic edifice, a traditional casale set in the Umbrian landscape, from all over the world.

We asked Linda to help us understand the ‘Umbrian dream’ in its true meaning when the real estate sector too is faced with the difficulties of 2020. Linda’s comments follow

Disclosing the Umbrian Dream

Citta' di Castello 06012 Umbria Italy

Disclosing The Umbrian Dream

Those that are already familiar with Umbria, be they native speakers for English or with a very good English, such as the Northern Europeans, buy a home in Umbria because they

Those many friends that still don’t know about Umbria are making good use of the extended time granted by this pandemic to get informed and organized. As soon as the travelling blocks are lifted, many will come over to discover Umbria.

There is a thriving foreign demand for quality Umbrian homes. A demand that at these times of social distancing and traveling stops could be described as pauci-symptomatic and just like Mr Volare Modugno used to sing ‘la lontananza sai e’ come il vento (…)’ Distance, you know is like the wind (…)

mesmerizing views umbria

Mesmerizing views

What is left of the Umbrian beauty in these troubled times? Everything! Umbria possesses an indissoluble beauty, one that resists adversity. Everything remains, since Umbrian casali and historic edifices offer quality, of a level that cannot go unnoticed. The quality granted by attention to details, the selection of materials, the accurate choice of colours and furniture … It is this quality that inspires those wishing to write a new chapter in the stories of these homes and by doing so they enjoy Umbria and our beloved Italia!

Italy at its most genuine

Generally speaking, the real estate market in Umbria is characterized by good quality at prices that are on average lower than those of Tuscany, a county that has been investing in its ‘marketing’ since the times of the Medici Family.

The gap with the Tuscan towns and cities cannot be filled in in few years. Yet Umbria wins especially among those foreigners that dream of living in an Italian context that is less flamboyant, simpler if you like, linked to villages and smaller towns, the countryside and the lesser-known perspectives … which is the truest Italy.

Mesmerizing landscapes

Umbrian casali grant quality

For the past 20 years I have been focussing on Umbrian casali and they are 100% quality. Luckily enough the ill-advised renovations – those taking place before the sensitivity on the preservation of structural elements and features gained this momentum – aren’t common over here! By experience, on the medium to long term, investing in Umbria is  a very sensible move, the county is timeless, seems to float in space and it is extremely generous of local products and millenary traditions while also being very lively at cultural level, through  international events such as Umbria Jazz, for example.

Those coming to Umbria, arrive and are conquered by the green ocean of its hills, the lakes that resemble jewels, the mesmerizing light shining everywhere. The Umbrian casali breath this mesmerizing beauty and master it.

Masters of Time

Umbrian Casali are masters of time

Umbrian casali are masters of time. Once in Umbria time seems to slow down, get extended, increase, magically!  As if we were in a parallel world. However, we are strategically located for the whole of central Italy, Rome, Florence, Bolonia, Ancona. All can be reach within around two hours by car from everywhere in Umbria. The quality displayed by Umbrian casali and its landscape becomes quality of life for those who seek form and substance.

This is a well-known fact to those who already own a buen retiro in Umbria and those friends that privileged Umbria from other areas of Italy and from everywhere in the world.