Sell without a worry through Welchome !

Sell without a worry through a reliable, skilled, experienced consultant that stays and remains by your side.

As Real Estate Licensed Consultant, through my Welchome,

I offer and grant you qualified Advice and Assistance with (in brief)

Properties and Sales

  • Survey and evaluation
  • Collection and revision of all relevant files (titles, authorizations, licenses, plans and certificates, mortgages and their redemption etc) which are the ‘home’s passport’
  • Assistance at all levels to solve any discrepancy or possible problems related to the property files
  • Photo Shoot on properties and locations so that presentations are inspiring and revealing, at the same time
  • Preliminary contracts of sale/purchase in Italian and English
  • Notarized Deeds of sale/purchase with the English version attached to the original in Italian
  • Switching of utilities and updating local taxes paperwork and relevant declarations
  • Post-sale assistance at no additional cost for one year

at a fee of 3% (+ vat) of the price (a minimum fee applies on final prices lower than 150k eur, please check with me on this)

Sell through Welchome, safely, easily and happily.   

welchome is here for you                                                                                                                                   Linda Cesari