Linda Cesari
Agency Address: Via Gramsci n. 8,
Città di Castello 06012 (PG) Umbria, Italia
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Mobile: +39 339 23 65 848
Telephone: +39 075 855 64 17

Linda Cesari

Homes Consultancy Umbria

Homes Consultancy Umbria! My WelcHome, Agenzia Immobiliare Welchome di Cesari Linda, is a synonym for quality in homes, locations and consultancy in and from Umbria since 2005. Welchome is THE real estate agency for your real estate needs and preferences if you praise qualified professional consultancy, a straightforward approach and whenever ‘mutual trust’ sounds familiar.

I specialize in advising and assisting international clients at all levels. I focus on quality homes and locations. I provide a service that focuses on you at also making sure you understand processes in a language that you master or know well.

WelcHome changes its skin from time to time but not its essence. It remains your technical key to open any door in quality real estate. Welchome for Umbrian quality homes and locations. Welchome for quality consultancy from Umbria. High professional standards.

I am here for you to help you sell, buy and/or renovate your inspiring Italian home as your technical key! 

I qualified as real estate consultant (agente di affari in mediazione) under Italian Law as early as 2004 to enroll with the Chamber of Commerce of Perugia, with license number PG 242152-2005, in 2005 so as to set WelcHome up and here I am to help and advise you at all levels.

Passion for inspiring homes and locations was what made me opt for this profession after graduating in Trieste as interpreter/translator for English and Spanish and managing international contracts for a large company. Passion is still here, 25 years since I translated my first contract on building works. This passion is matched by a solid experience in international negotiations, contracts as well as laws, regulations and taxation in real estate.

Attention to details while remaining focused on you and your needs and preferences are my guiding lights. I am reliable and i deliver.

Through my WelcHome, I grant qualified professional advice and service with a friendly approach. Welchome is here for you. Quality homes and consultancy from Umbria!

It is you and me together that make things happen. I provide the legal framework and professional advice and support you need to relax while we make things happen. Mutual trust is also essential as is cooperating for a common objective. ‘We are in this together’ is something you hear me say often, since it is you and me together that make it possible to reach the set objective of selling, buying and/or renovating your perfect home, in Umbria and central Italy. 

Integer, qualified real estate consultants exist! and they remain by your side! You have one in me, with my WelcHome. 

A selected network of qualified and experienced professionals help me meet all your needs in total relaxation for you.

Here we go! Me and my WelcHome are here for you and make things happen, for you and with you, easily, safely and happily.easily safely happily


La mia Welchome, Welchome di Cesari Linda, Agenzia immobiliare Welchome, è l’agenzia immobiliare con cui offro un servizio internazionale di consulenze immobiliari a 360 gradi.

Da quando ho mosso i primi passi in questo settore nel ’97 ad oggi sono trascorsi piu’ di 20 anni. La passione è quella degli inizi, l’esperienza è solida e l’entusiasmo si rinnova ad ogni nuova proposta, richiesta, ricerca. Faccio sempre la differenza per coloro che si affidano a me perche’ conosco il mio lavoro e lo faccio con passione, determinazione e fornendo un servizio di consulenze che si basa su una conoscenza approfondita del settore, delle leggi e dei regolamenti che lo governano. 

Da quando vi rivolgete alla mia Welchome a quando arriviamo al risultato prefissato, potete contare su una professionista affidabile, preparata e presente e una struttura forte anche di collaborazioni selezionate e testate nel tempo.

Welchome è la chiave tecnica per aprire tutte le porte degli immobili di qualità e non avere brutte sorprese. 

Welchome è qui per voi e con voi.

Be Umbrier 💚 and Happier😎.

Easily, safely, happily with my Welchome

easily safely happily

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